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Final Fantasy VII tips #1


I’ll try and do a mix of basic and more advance tips.

  • Save often. You never know what’s around the corner. 
  • If you’re going for a perfect game, dedicate an entire memory card slot to multiple saves. There are many, many points of no return in a perfect game that you can’t afford to miss.

  • Explore. There’s tonnes of hidden items out there. 
  • Talk to everyone more than once. Some people have more to say, some people will give you stuff.
  • If you’re ever short of money, ethers sell for 1,500 gil.

  • Have a dedicated healer in your party.

  • A perfect game with involve constantly backtracking to Fort Condor for 13 strategy mini-game battles. Get good at it first.

  • Tap L1 + R1 to protect yourself from a back attack.

  • Magic Pots found in the swampy area of the Northern Crater are the best monsters for levelling your materia. You have to give them Elixirs before you can do damage. These can be stolen from Master Tonberry or Gighee.

  • Each characters’ ultimate weapon works in a different way so take advantage of the perks. For example; the damage done by Barret’s Missing Score depends on the amount of AP of all the materia in the weapon.

  • Experiment with different materia combinations to discover and exploit your opponents’ weak spots.

  • Keep a handy stash of hypers and tranquilizers. Fury status will make a party member less accurate, but stronger and quicker to limit break. Sadness will reduce damage by 30% but it takes way longer to reach limit break.

  • Materia has various effects on your characters stats when equipped. Magic and Summon materia deduct HP.

  • Never leave materia slots empty. If in doubt, fill them with remaining All materias.

  • If you’re short of money later in the game, a mastered All materia sells for 1.4 million gil.

  • Keep your item list organised. You don’t want to spend those crucial last seconds searching for a phoenix down.